Meet the Owners



This is Rocko. He likes making art. He directed Funks. He created INQ. He wants this studio to incubate art and help dancers grow to their fullest potential.

Anthony Esposo

This is Anthony. He's danced for 9 years. He directs Project M. He wants the studio to house the best dance programs in the bay area.



This is Emerson. He founded Funks SF. He works for a dance app. He knows everyone in the city, literally. He wants the studio to be a home the community.


A Premiere Dance Studio

Full Out Studios will house some of the Bay Area’s top choreographers and dance instructors under one roof. We feel that it’s important for our community to keep developing and growing together. That’s why it was important for us to seek out representation from the diverse group of individuals that make up our community. We carefully selected our team because we believe in their art and expression. We also believe that they can make the community as a whole stronger.

A Community Center

We want Full Out Studios to feel like a second home to every dancer that steps through our doors. That’s why it was also important that we find and create a space with an identity that matches the community it serves. But it doesn’t stop there! In the future we would like to launch scholarships and free programs for the local community in order to keep cultivating the next generation of dancers. 

An Art Incubator

We believe that collaboration is vital to keep pushing our dance boundaries in order to reach new heights. With Full Out Studios, we will now have a space to work together with other artists across different medias so that we can learn and grow together. We plan to reach out to local community groups to explore how dance interacts with other art forms. We want to create a space that connects and celebrates new intersections of dance, art, and technology.