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fall Skillshop series (Vol 7)


Skillshops have arrived!

Our lineup of rockstar instructors teaching skillshops this spring is finally here! Check out the flyer to the left to get an overview of all the Skillshops happening soon! Get more information about each Skillshop by clicking on their specific pages! Want to sign up for more than one? No prob! Just select the Skillshop you want and add it to your cart before completing your purchase! 

What is a Skillshop?

It's a 10-week, training based program that focuses on development of a specific dance skill. We source some of the best instructors who will not only teach you choreography, but will go through the entire process of learning, cleaning, blocking, and performance with you! At the end of the 10-week period, the studio will host a showcase where you can invite all your friends & family and show them how you’ve grown.

What makes our program different than a Pw?

We've specifically instructed our teachers that the goal of each Skillshop is to develop & hone a specific skill. With a clear focus, we believe that dancers will truly be able to track their own growth and development in the skills they wish to improve. 

Can I try it before I commit?

Of course! We allow drop-ins for the first 3 rehearsals of each Skillshop at $25/rehearsal. When you opt in to the full program, each rehearsal will cost you about $22/rehearsal.

What's the price if I join the 2nd or 3rd week?


We offer a pro-rated price according to the following schedule found to the right. .

What if I drop in then want to join?

Those that drop-in and decide to join will enroll at the following week's price. (i.e. If you Drop in for the week 3 rehearsal at $25, you will pay the week 4 price of $160 to enroll at the end of that rehearsal)

What If I can't make all the rehearsal during the series?

Unfortunately we cannot refund you for any missed rehearsal dates. Rehearsals occur weekly at the same day & time. If an instructor has to cancel a rehearsal, then it will be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor. 

Sign me up! 

Click on the specific Skillshop page to get more information on the Skillshop, rehearsal schedule, and performance date. You can purchase multiple skillshops on each page! Just make sure to add them to your cart before you complete payment!