Our faculty

We are currently gathering our rockstar group of instructors for this incredible weekend. Regular announcements will be made as teachers are confirmed! Stay tuned! Full Release of teaching Faculty will be announced on JUNE 17TH, 2019.


Class 1: Shaun evaristo

Movement Lifestyle

If you don’t already know who Shaun is, you definitely should. We’re so lucky to have him this year at Unplugged 2019! He is all about good vibes and we’re sure you’ll be feeling the same way after his class. How often do you get the chance to hang out with a legend like him for the weekend?


Class 2: Daniel gutierrez (Option 1)


Daniel is one of the co-directors of Syndicate, a team that’s been making waves in the Bay Area Dance Community as well as Socal. Last year we had the pleasure of working with Kevin Nguyen and we just knew we had to have another Syndicate leader represent again this year at camp.


Class 2: Alli Fritz (Option 2)


Alli is one of the co-directors of INQ along with owner of Full Out Studios, Rocko Luciano. This sparkly unicorn is always ready to give you a performance on the dance floor and recently taught at IDI Heels. She even has her own regular intensive called Extra AF which should be a go to for anyone who wants to build confidence and be well… EXTRA! Always fierce, forever beloved by Full Out, we are super excited to have her wiggle with us at Unplugged again this year!


Class 3: nico o’connor

millennium | edge pac

I mean… How could we not have Nico back again for camp? We absolutely love Nico! He’s always been a long time friend of Full Out and is beyond talented. If you want to experience the magic that is Nico — and we mean both in and out of the dance class — come to Unplugged this year! You won’t regret it.


Class 4: Jonathan Sison


We have the pleasure of having Jonathan teaching at Full Out Studios later this month (June 29th) and you definitely do not want to miss it! We are super excited to see what he brings to Unplugged so if you’re unfamiliar with him, check him out before we pack for the weekend.


Class 5: angelo Galedo

the company | Brotherhood

Did you know that Alo was one of the first teachers to teach a Full Out Friday Class when Full Out first opened? He’s been supporting us from the beginning and is super fun to be around. Plus he’s just super talented without even trying too hard. He’s going to be a riot at camp. Come find out what that means at Unplugged!


Class 6: danyel moulton


Danyel is the founder and current director of the LA-based dance team, VMO! For being a relatively new team (started in 2017), VMO has already amassed several wins at competitions such as Bridge, WOD, and Fusion. Danyel is known for her fierce and hard-hitting choreography that will definitely push you out of your comfort zone!


Class 7: aye hasegawa


We had the immense pleasure of having Aye teach at last year’s Unplugged, so of course we had to have her back again this year! She gave us all the feels and we know that she’s going to do it again this year. And this time, she’ll have her boo to share in the experience as well.



Founder of Movewith

We had Tricia at last year’s Unplugged as part of the Leadership track. This year she will return to share her knowledge with the entire camp. We’re so excited to dig deeper into the community and figure out ways to empower one another!



yoga for dancers

Marja has participated in Unplugged since the beginning. Her workshops were always just what our dancers needed after a long day of dancing. So of course we had to have her back again this year for another round of wellness and mindfulness!


unplugged staff

Our Unplugged team is here to make sure your experience at camp is the best that it can be. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on having an amazing time.


rocko luciano

Owner | Media Mastermind


anthony esposo

Owner Operations Wizard


Emerson aquino

Owner | Faculty Wrangler


Wilson Demesa

Tribe Leader | Logistics


jeanine yoo

Tribe Leader | Sponsors


rachel garcia

Tribe Leader | Logistics


tessa shanley

Tribe Leader | Marketing


simone howard

Tribe Leader | Faculty


Joselyn Arciaga

Tribe Leader | Marketing


jowain so

Tribe Leader | Marketing


shawn lam

Tribe Leader | Marketing


kevin ramos

Tribe Leader | Logistics


Zoe marsh

Tribe Leader | Faculty

Don't just take our word for it

At Unplugged I was able to learn from amazing talent, explore dance beyond the studio, and make new friends around the campfire. It reminded me what I love most about dance: being part of an incredible community!
— Emma H.
Unplugged gave me the opportunity to connect with members of the dance community (dancers and choreographers alike!) in a more meaningful way than through regular classes. I’m so thankful for that.
— Annie F.