Our faculty

We are currently gathering our rockstar group of instructors for this incredible weekend. Regular announcements will be made as teachers are confirmed! Stay tuned!


nico o'connor

millennium | Edge Pac

Nico is one of our favorite guests to teach at Full Out, so that's why we're super excited to have him on board as part of the teaching staff this year! You know he always delivers, so get pumped! It'll be the first time you ever learn from him... in the woods.  


Aye Hasegawa


Need I say more? If you haven't had the opportunity to learn from this amazing mover, you're definitely missing out. We're so so lucky to have her for the entire weekend with us! 


Brandon Dumlao

Movement Lifestyle | Debbie legacy

Brandon is an amazing choreographer who teaches regularly at ML and Debbie Reynolds. You should definitely get to know him better if you don't already... and what better way to do that than at camp?


Aggie loyola

the company

We've had the pleasure of working with Aggie for this summer's Skillshop series and now we're thankful that she will be teaching at Unplugged as well! You will definitely learn a lot about execution from her. 


Kevin Nguyen


Kevin is beyond talented and is a director of Syndicate--one of the Bay's best competitive teams. His choreography style and swag is great if you're looking to refine your skills. Find out for yourself how great at camp!


Marja lankinen

Movement lifestyle | Yoga for Dancers

One of our returning faculty members, last year we were blown away by her amazing yoga class. So this year, we absolutely had to have her again to help us take care of our bodies. 


emerson Aquino

funkanometry sf | full out studios

Co-founder of Full Out Studios, Emerson has been a fixture in the dance community for many years. He's warm, welcoming, and always a good time. Perfect for any people just starting their dance journey. At Unplugged this year he will be leading the BEG Track.


Rocko Luciano

INQ | funkanometry sf | full out studios

Also co-founder of Full Out, Rocko continues to push the limits of dance and creativity. He currently directs INQ, one of the newest competitive teams in the Bay Area. He will be sharing his dance & leadership knowledge with us at this year's Unplugged.


Tricia Choi Yang


Tricia's always been a long time supporter and dear friend of Full Out Studios! If you don't know who she is, all you need to know is that she's a serious Boss that's made waves in the tech/fitness community. She'll be helping round out the leadership portion of the Unplugged Experience. Come learn how to incorporate some of her leadership & business expertise into your life!

unplugged staff


rocko luciano

Owner | Marketing


anthony esposo

Owner Logistics


Emerson aquino

Owner | Programming


jeanine yoo



rachel garcia








Don't just take our word for it

At Unplugged I was able to learn from amazing talent, explore dance beyond the studio, and make new friends around the campfire. It reminded me what I love most about dance: being part of an incredible community!
— Emma H.
Unplugged gave me the opportunity to connect with members of the dance community (dancers and choreographers alike!) in a more meaningful way than through regular classes. Iā€™m so thankful for that.
— Annie F.
I think the most memorable part was doing a night hike and stargazing. There were a bunch of shooting stars that weekend.
— Anthony E.